Lemon Warranty

At Lemon Garage we realise the importance of peace of mind when buying a car. This peace of mind starts with the quality of the car you are purchasing. An accident-free car with a full-service history is always a good place to start! However, if the unexpected happens we will ensure that your purchase experience remains an enjoyable one.
Lemon Warranty logoWhen purchasing a car from Lemon Garage, its Warranty falls into one of the following categories:
  1. Transferable Warranties, Maintenance-and Service Plans.
    • All cars sold with valid and active existing Warranties, Maintenance and/or Service Plans will be sold with the balance of such Warranty, Maintenance and/or Service Plan.
  2. Non-transferrable Maintenance-and Service Plans.
    • Here we are specifically referring to Porsche cars as they are the only manufacturer that does not allow their Drive Plan to be transferred if a transaction is not done within their network, in other words, if you don’t purchase your Porsche from them.
    • The two-year Factory Warranty is completely transferrable so cars sold within the warranty period will be sold with the balance of the Factory Warranty.
    • At an additional cost, we offer a one or two year Service Plan on all Porsches with less than 100 000kms and up to 10 years old from the date of first registration.
    • This Service Plan will cover the costs for all scheduled maintenance for the period selected and up to 100 000kms.
    • Our Porsche Service Plan is extendable up to 100 000kms or 10 years from the date of first registration
    • Our Porsche Service Plan is also fully transferable should you decide to sell your car and you have a balance of Service Plan available on your car.
  3. Older, Classic or Vintage cars.
    • When buying a car in this category we will give you a warm smile, a firm handshake and a sincere thank you!

Click here to download your Lemon Garage Service Plan.