Lemon Revive

Owning a Classic, Vintage or Sports car is a fantastic experience and a privilege not many people have. In the real world, our hectically busy lifestyles don’t always afford us the time to take proper care of our beloved cars. Normal maintenance is not always easy and sometimes weeks, months or even years go by without giving your car the attention it deserves.

Lemon Garage offers its clients a product called Lemon Revive to assist you to get your special car back to a condition you can be proud of, whether you want to prepare it for a showroom floor or just want to clean it up to enjoy it more, we can help. We will get your car looking beautiful without breaking the bank balance!

After a thorough inspection, we will make suggestions to the owner and then quote accordingly. As all the cars will require different work, there is no standard or fixed pricing. It is very important to note that Lemon Garage does not restore cars. We simply revive your car to a very high standard at a very affordable price!

With an experienced eye for detail, high-quality products and skilled workmanship you are assured to be satisfied with the end product!

Our Services

  1. Paint correction and ceramic coating
  2. A full detailing of the car including exterior and interior, engine and engine bay, boot and spare wheel well, rims and tyres as well as the wheel arches
  3. Wheel refurbishment
  4. Service and maintenance updates
  5. Tyre fitment
  6. Dent removals
  1. Cosmetic paintwork, for example, road rash on the front bumper and bonnet
  2. Replacing number plates and brackets
  3. Removal of unwanted stickers and decals
  4. Interior trim repair
  5. Windscreen repairs
  6. Headlights restoration and the list goes on.