1968 Morgan 4/4 (FOR SALE)

R 629 000
103 000 km indicated
Service History
Substantial Service History Available

The Morgan 4/4 was produced by Morgan Motor Company from 1936 to 2018. It was the first Morgan with four wheels and the naming indicated that the car had 4 wheels and 4 cylinders. Apart from a break during World War II, and a period between March 1951 and September 1955, the 4/4 was in continues production from its debut until 2018. Several different engines were used over the years. The first car started with a 1,122 cc Coventry Climax engine producing 25 kW and the last cars had a 1600 cc Ford engine, producing 82 kW. There were some very interesting engine choices in between, including a twin-cam Fiat engine and a Ford Zetec R engine as well!

This specific car is a 1968 model and was called the 4/4 1600. It succeeded the Series V car and was in production until 1982. These cars were fitted with a 1600 Ford Kent Crossflow engine and coupled to a four-speed Ford gearbox.  The car has been in the ownership of one family for 45 years; the decision to sell did not come easy! Needless to say, it has been lovingly maintained with all invoices and documentation available. The car has a soft top with side windows. A well-used rubber mallet for the knock-off rims as well as a crate with valuable and hard to come by parts are included as well.

The combination of a well-balanced power unit with twin carburettors, a babbling exhaust and a 760 kgs kerb weight makes for a very exiting drive! This is a great example of a Morgan 4/4, looking for a home for the next 45 years!

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