2004 Shelby Cobra Replica

2004 Shelby Cobra Replica

R 395 000.00
2000 km since restoration
Service History
Partially service history

The first original AC Cobra was produced in 1962, after American automotive designer Carroll Shelby wrote to AC Cars, asking them to build him a car that he could fit a V8 Engine to. They agreed and Shelby first approached Chevrolet to provide him with an engine. They declined as the car would be direct competition for their Corvette. When Shelby asked Ford for an engine they jumped at the opportunity as they wanted to have a car to compete with the Corvette, even if it only had their engine in it! They also happened to have a brand new developed engine ready, a new lightweight V8 , the Windsor 221  cubic inches 3,6L engine. Ford supplied Shelby with two engines to build cars.


The rest of the story is, as the say history, or more like a fairy tale. The AC Cobra became one of the most successful race cars and sports cars of its era. Today, original Cobras are scarce and very expensive. Replica Cobras are very popular and relatively easy to build. They vary in value, depending on the finish of the car and more importantly, which engine, gearbox, differential and suspension is used in the car.


This specific car was built in 2004 with no expense spared. It is finished in a beautiful metallic maroon with a beige interior. Engine is a 392 Stroker engine with a 5 speed Gertrag manual gearbox and a 9-inch Ford differential. Cobras are all quick and this car is no exception with a ¼ mile time of only 11 seconds!


If you are in the market for a Cobra this must be one of the best ones available.


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