1981 Porsche 924 Turbo

1981 Porsche 924 Turbo

R 239 000.00
93 000 km
Service History
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Porsche introduced the Porsche 924 in 1976. It was a front engine four cylinder car and was supposed to be an entry level spots car to replace the 914.


Porsche soon realized that they needed a 924 with more performance to close the huge gap in performance to the much more powerful 911. Porsche was already very successful implementing Turbo technology to several race cars and of course also to the 911 Turbo, first introduced in 1974. This technology was also chosen for the 924 and the first 924 Turbo was introduced in 1978.


The 924 Turbo’s performance was surprisingly close to that of the 180HP 911 SC, thanks partly to the lower curb weight. First cars were not very reliable, partly due to the general public not knowing how to operate and care for the relatively primitive turbo setup. Porsche released a revised 924 Turbo in 1979 with a smaller turbo running at increased boost. They also improved the fuel injection system on the car and reliability improved and power rose to 177 HP, or 132 KW.


External features to make the car more functional and also to distinguish it from the normal 924 were:


  • Duct in bonnet
  • Air intakes in badge panel
  • 15 inch spoke style wheels
  • Four wheel disc brakes
  • 5 stud hubs
  • 5 speed transmission
  • 924 Turbo badging on the boot lid and door sills

Left hand drive versions were known as the 931 and right hand drive versions were known as the 932.


Only about 11500 924 Turbo’s were produced between 1979 and 1983 with ’81 and ‘82 models garnering interests in collector circles. While many still exists, excellent examples of these cars are quite scarce.


This specific car is a 1981 LHD with 93000kms on from new. The car has been restored to almost new with no costs spared, mechanically and cosmetically perfect! A great opportunity to purchase a very collectable Porsche classic.


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