1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Replica

1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Replica

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RS stands for Rennsport in German, meaning race sport. The Carrera name was used for the first time since the 356 Carrera which was named after Porsche’s victories in the Carrera Panamericana races in Mexico. The RS was developed to meet motorsport homologation requirements. The Carrera 2.7 RS had a larger 2.7 L engine developing 150 kW with Bosch mechanical fuel injection, stiffened suspension, a “ducktail” rear spoiler, larger brakes, wider rear wheels and rear fenders when compared to its 911 siblings. The RS Touring weighed 1,075 kg while the Sport Lightweight was about 100 kg lighter. In total, 1,580 units were made, and qualified for the FIA Group 4 class. 49 Carrera RS cars were built with a 2.8 L engine rated at 220 kW.


This specific car is a replica of the “2.8 RSR”. The body panels such as the fenders (front and rear), bonnet and ducktail decklid are all made out of fibreglass. The windows are made out of plexi glass and the interior completely stripped out to save weight. A full roll cage was installed along with Sparco racing seats and harnesses. The engine started life as a 930 Turbo engine that has been bored to a 3.5L and the turbos removed. High rev valve springs, RSR sprint cams and .50 PMO carbs were also fitted making this car a high revving 220 kw machine weighing in at under 1000 kgs. In order to stop this extra power, Porsche big red brakes were fitted along with fully adjustable suspension to keep everything in check. All this makes this car a reasonably quick and competent award-winning racer having won the Simola hillclimb 4 times in its class.  Despite all this, you could use this car to do the Sunday morning bread and milk run if you like as it is fully street legal and registered for road use. That is, if you plan on upsetting your entire neighbourhood.


A fun, very fast pre-73 race car that is sure to put a smile on your face whether you go for a blast up a twisty hill or a day of fun at your local race track!


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