1971 Volkswagen Kombi Westvalia

1971 Volkswagen Kombi Westvalia

R 490 000.00
203 642 km
Service History
Partial service history

The second generation Kombi, or the Type 2 as it is known, was introduced in 1967. The shape change to a more square shape and the split windscreen of the first generation Kombi was replaced by the new round front screen, soon known as the “bay window “screen. The models before 1971 was known as the “Early Bay” and models after 1971 as the “Late Bay” Kombi. Engines ranged from 1600 to a 2000cc.


This specific car is a 1971 Westvalia Kombi. It is a fully equipped Camper Van and was beautifully restored a few years ago. The car has since been used regularly for trips to all parts of South Africa. It is fitted with a 2L engine. The car was also fitted with power steering and air conditioner, imported from the USA and specifically made for VW Kombis.


A classic VW Camper which will provide many miles of wonderful classic car enjoyment for the whole family!


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